The Church being the beacon and model of Christ’s unconditional love, reaching and caring for all regardless of abilities.

To bring transformation and renewal of the mind to both disabled and non-disabled persons alike,so we may see one another as equals before God.


Training and Speaking

Catering to the needs of those with different Learning abilities requires different skills, ideas and strategies. This involves training to Pastors, Churches and families/carers and community organisations, all can be provided through liaison, co-operation and interaction.

We can help provide and organise workshops and seminars, with experts and speakers delivering presentations and giving advice on the topic of disability.

“The village” community

This provides a link for people to connect and share experience, encourage and pray for each other through all means of communication.

Helping Hand

This is one vital part of our work to the needy and those with mobility challenges, by providing wheelchairs and other mobility aids, clothing, food.

You can lend a helping hand by contributing  to our cause.



The Potter’s hand is a not for profit and non denominational Christian organization that seeks the to make Churches welcoming and inclusive for Persons with disabilities.

The church as “the body of Christ” has the responsibility of being the “true light to the world” to lead    the society into showing that the unconditional love of God.

Persons with disability do not only need their material and physical needs met, but a relationship with their maker to develop their spiritual life ,and the Church has the duty to reach out, care and involve them in church life.



  • Love Can Build a Bridge3:55