The Potter’s hand is a not for profit and non denominational Christian organization that seeks the to make Churches welcoming and inclusive for People with disabilities.

The church as “the body of Christ” has the responsibility of being the “true light to the world” to lead    the society into showing that the unconditional love of God.

People with disability do not only need their material and physical needs met, but a relationship with their maker to develop their spiritual life ,and the Church has the duty to reach out, care and involve them in church life.



The Church being the beacon and model of Christ’s unconditional love, reaching and caring for all regardless of abilities.

MY story

If you ask me if there is a blessing in having a child with additional needs,  my answer will be YES.

Indeed, there are lots of challenges, but recognising God as the source of strength and comfort, then His “Grace will be sufficient”.

As a father of a special and yet an extra ordinary child, Emmanuel was born prematurely at 25 weeks gestation and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy,lost his left hand just after birth. Emmanuel uses a wheelchair for his mobility.

The “WHY  US GOD?” question has never been asked but instead the "PURPOSE" for us as parents and also for Emmanuel.God always has a reason for any situation He brings our way and this reason is for us to strengthen and comfort families, bring enlightenment to the church and the Christian community.    

Everyone of us are all like clay in“The Potter’s hand” being made into perfection, we may have questions but god does this for His glory.

Jeremiah 18:1-6.

Inclusion of people with disabilities into our churches will come when religious, cultural and human barriers are removed for God's love is INCLUSIVE.

Acts 10.

Inspired by the by these two scriptures  John 9:2-3 and Acts 3:7-9 we believe God still does miracles. Amen

To bring transformation and renewal of the mind to both disabled and non-disabled persons alike,so we may see one another as equals before God.​